Sweet Rolls Franchise Announces New Product Development: the “Soft Scoop”

Sweet Rolls Franchise
September 5, 2018

Sweet Rolls Franchise

HAMMOND, La., July 5, 2018 (Newswire.com) - Sweet Rolls Rolled Ice Cream is making an investment in new product development with their latest sweet treat, the “Soft Scoop”, a creamier, solo-scoop alternative to their famous ice cream rolls. 

A Soft Scoop is made using the same fresh, New Orleans inspired ingredients as Sweet Rolls’ famous rolled ice cream, but simply crafted in a shorter amount of time and formed into one single scoop per order to give the treat an extra soft, smoother texture. 

Dedicated to providing an exceptional product experience for everyone, the “Soft Scoop” concept was born when the Corporate Team at Sweet Rolls discovered that some customers prefer a smoother bite for their frozen treats as opposed to the traditional ice cream texture of Sweet Rolls.

“People are always excited to try our rolled ice cream because it’s unique, but adding the Soft Scoop alternative gives every ice cream lover an option without taking away from our authentic ingredients,” says CEO Dion Grossnickle. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

Since opening in downtown Hammond, Louisiana, in early 2017, the Sweet Rolls team quickly discovered that they had a knack for making people excited about their delicious rolls of ice cream, and the new product now offers the same quality as well as easy-ordering. To order a Soft Scoop, customers simply choose their favorite ice cream roll from the menu and then ask the staff to ‘Make it smooth.’

Now with several new locations opening throughout the United States this year and over 200 potential franchisees, the Corporate team is ready to exceed expectations as they expand nationwide. 

With the addition of the Soft Scoop concept, the corporate team hopes to accomplish the ultimate goal of maintaining franchisee success by keeping new product development at the forefront of their brand--all while staying true to the local New Orleans flavors that everyone fell in love with when Sweet Rolls first opened.

“The goal isn’t to just add things to the menu for more variety; the goal is to make our product more superior,” says COO Olaf Ross.

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