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Waffle Taco Roll

Waffle Cone? Who needs a waffle cone when you can have a waffle taco? Turn any roll into a Waffle Taco!

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Step 1

Choose your Roll Ins (Choose up to 2 Roll Ins)

Step 2

Choose your Toppings (Choose up to 2 Toppings & Whipped Cream)

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Our fresh Cream makes the difference

Our House Sweet Cream is a blend of specialty ingredients that you will not find anywhere else! A blend of rich cream & a touch of imported Creme Anglaise is the perfect addition to any roll. If you are looking for a healthier Sweet Roll ask for our Soy Based option & you won't be disappointed!

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1 Scoop Cup


2 Scoop Cup

waffle cone

2 Scoops

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Add Ins - $1 each

kids blends

gourmet cinnamon rolls



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the perfect gift

What could be sweeter than a Sweet Rolls Gift Card? Stop by to get your gift card today!

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